Puti (game)

Puti (White) is a cooperative card game where players must escape a haunted house being haunted by a White Lady. The only way out is by a series of clues left to you by the only person who can see the White Lady: a little child. Remember the clues, work together as a team, and escape or be trapped in the house forever!

Why I made Puti

Puti was conceptualized and designed over many months as a design challenge in which the game had to use card sleeves as a core component. At first, the working title was “Tikbalang”: it was supposed to be a game about travelers trying to escape a forest being haunted by a Tikbalang. In the original concept, one of the players was actually the Tikbalang leading the other players astray. However, I couldn’t find a good traitor mechanic and the game proved hard enough even if the players worked as a team. I ended up using the White Lady because I wanted it to look like the creepy drawings of little kids (and also because I can’t draw).


  • Cooperative Horror Card Game
  • Innovative gameplay that requires card sleeves to play. (included in the game)
  • Art and Graphic design resembles the creepy drawings of children in Horror movies.
  • In a part of the game, players need to hold hands and chant to keep the White Lady at bay.
  • A 30-minute game for 2-5 players.


  • Visit our Shopee store to buy your own copy for just P450 🙂
    • I only fulfill orders once a month. If you order, expect your copy around the 2nd week of the next calendar month. To see the print schedule I follow, you can look at the latest announcements from 1/4 Intermediate POD.
  • Online Running Manual
    • The first part is the regular manual that comes with the set. Scroll down for the FAQ that other people have asked. Also, variants you can try out.
  • Tutorial Video coming soon 🙂
  • If you have any questions, you can message me on Facebook or you can email me at nicanor@balangay.games and I will get back to you asap.

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